©2007 Alice Daquet
Rabbithole is the first video act of the artist Sir Alice.

Like Falling down to the Rabbithole, Alice is running an hunting animal in a cave.
But there is no one behind her, no one is following her, just her own ghosts.
There is flash back of an enregic tooth brushing, even compulsive. It reminds for the artist the difference between us and animals as it became an obssession for her at this time. We clean the evidences which would make us the hunters.
The video deals with the question of instincts, the self control, the apparence, the inner conflict, the imperfection of our species.
Her metamorphose is a failure, she is trapped.

The video is mainly presented as a projection with another video named Satire. As the videos have different timings, the different sounds mix randomly and give a third level of understanding to each video. The projection is timeless, the meeting of the twos videos is always different and reveals always others signs and aspects.