©2008 Alice Daquet
A Satyre is a tumid half man half animal, between an horse and a goat, Dionysiac and good for nothing.
In French « une Satire » is a mocking critic through an artistic work.
In the norwegian wood, a half reindeer, half woman swaggers, alone. Get up in a ruff, she s going down, royally, wood stairs. The ruff is probably the useless outfit a human can wear, still she sews it in her neck like a second skin as she wants to get a rid of her fury skin.
The video deals with the question of instincts, the self control, the appearance, the inner conflict, the imperfection of our species.
Her metamorphose is a failure, like us.

The video is mainly presented as a projection with another video named Rabbithole. As the videos have different timings, the different sounds mix randomly and give a third level of understanding to each video. The projection is timeless, the meeting of the twos videos is always different and reveals always others signs and aspects.